About Me

Hi, I’m Tessa, owner and operator of Tessa Marie Photography Inc. Here’s a little about me, but I think the photos below give a better sense of who I am.


Edmonton AB


Digital Photography Diploma – Centre of Arts & Technology, Kelowna – completed 2010

Bachelor of Education with Fine Art Major – U of A – completed 2007


I’ve been in business professionally since 2010, owner and operator of Tessa Marie Photography Inc., and have worked in Calgary, Edmonton, the Kootenays, and all over Alberta and BC. The furthest I’ve travelled for work was to Switzerland to shoot an incredible wedding.

My favourite session is usually the last one I shot. Whether it’s a wedding or family portraits, it’s all about capturing the bond between people in a beautiful and timeless way.

I’m also the head photographer for Pretty & Inked magazine, which has been an incredible opportunity to collaborate on photoshoots with talented and inspiring artists.


In 2016 Bruno and I bought his parents’ farm, where he grew up, outside Tomahawk, AB. We’re about an hour West of Edmonton, 30 minutes from Drayton Valley.

I love having my own giant outdoor “studio”, and we’re working on converting part of the house into an actual photo studio as well. We share the space with our two Great Pyrenees furballs, Attila & Sasha, and in the summer months, a flock of pastured chickens.

What I love:

I’m pretty lucky to get paid to do something I love, and I’m grateful for that.

I love to travel. It’s been a pretty big priority in my life, and you can see below that I’ve been able to see some pretty amazing places.

I also love the outdoors. I camp, hike, mountain bike, snowboard, surf, and recently learned to kite-surf.

And of course I love Bruno, who’s always up for any of the above, and pushing me to test my limits and try new things.


Used to be a baby...

The very excited one is me. I have a lot to look forward to! On the left looking adorable is my favourite sister.

This is me now

Hi! I'm Tessa.

Me & Bruno

This is my husband Bruno. He's super smart, ambitious, clever, funny, fearless, and adventurous,

Proposal - 2013

Bruno proposed at Slush Cup in Sunshine, at the top of the great divide.

I'm Photographer

I've been in business professionally since 2010.

Bruno fixing a Helicopter

Bruno is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. He goes to some pretty incredible places for his bad ass job.

Elope to Vegas!

We eloped in March 2014.

Just Married!

We eloped 20 minutes South of Vegas in a dry lake bed, at Sunset.

Our Wedding Day

Our two best friends came with us to Vegas to witness our wedding and celebrate with us.

Honeymoon - Park City Utah

Who goes to Utah for their Honeymoon?? We do! No not to find sister wives - to ride the snow at Park City!

Park City, Utah

After eloping, we drove from Vegas to Park city so we could do our favourite thing - mountain worship!

Park City , Utah

Just doing some mountain worship. We rode Park City, Utah, on our honeymoon.

My Best Friend Jess

Inspiring in so many ways, I'm so grateful to have this beautiful soul in my life.

The Mettler's - Bruno's family

My in-laws, and some of my favourite people. Bruno's parents raised their kids on a farm outside Edmonton.

My Family

Bruno and I with my mom, brother, sister, and her husband and three kids. i love these people.

Roof Top Tent

Our newest toy! We've got a lot of use out of this baby in the 1st few weeks - many more adventures to come!

Costa Rica Beach Olympics 2015

Bruno and I took home the bronze at Costa Rica Beach Olypics

Kite Surfing, Costa Rica 2015

Bruno and I went to a Kite surfing resort to learn to kitesurf. Tough to learn - addictive once you get it!

Turkey - 2011

Scooter trip around the Mediterranean coast in Turkey.

Oahu - 2012

We travelled around Oahu, Hawaii in VW campervans.

Oahu - 2012

We love to surf.

What a view

My favourite place to be, winter or summer, is on a mountain top. Even dragged my friend Bev up with me!

Mountain Biking with Cows - Arosa, Switzerland

Bruno worked at this ski for two winters before we met. In the summer the cows work on eating the grass.

Switzerland - 2011

Visiting the town where Bruno's Dad grew up in Switzerland.

Switzerland - 2011

We went to Switzerland for Bruno's sister's wedding, which I shot (coolest wedding ever!)

Halloween - 2014

We love Halloween and homemade costumes, this year was Popeye & Olive Oyl

Mountain yoging

Nerding out on top of a mountain with my good friend Kat.

Giza, Egypt - 2015

My mom & bro & I rode camels at the pyramids - pretty amazing but enough camel riding for one lifetime!

Sphinx, Gaza, Egypt 2015

Doing tourist things...

Luxor, Egypt 2015

My mom and I hanging out with some Sphinx on our trip to Egypt.

Grand Mosque, Muscat, Oman

I loved Oman. The people were so generous and friendly. The culture and history are rich. And the food was amazing.

Grand Mosque - Muscat. Oman 2015

My Mom and I visited my brother, who lived in Oman for two years teaching at an International elementary school.

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